1. Copy the spreadsheet (
  2. The spreadsheet will open, after some time a menu 'Gmail to Evernote' will appear.
  3. From the menu, click 'Read Labels'. You will be asked to give authorisation. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. If you get a message "This app isn't verified", click 'Advanced', then "Go to Gmail to Evernote (unsafe)". Obviously, Google has not verified your new copy yet.
  5. A screen listing the permissions that the script will use appears. They are explained on this page.
  6. When finished, your existing Gmail Labels are listed on the labels sheet. Using this, you can select a label from a dropdown menu in the next step
  7. If you have used the previous version of Gmail to Evernote, you can use 'Import' from the 'Gmail to Evernote' menu to import your settings
  8. If not done yet, fill in the 'Basic options' in the Settings sheet, optionally the 'Advanced options'
  9. From the 'Gmail to Evernote' menu, click Start to run the script regularly.
  10. You can close the spreadsheet now, in the background your email will regularly be checked for messages with the Evernote tag.

If you were using the previous version, you can stop it by deleting the trigger: go to the GmailEvernote Triggers page, hover over the line to show the three dots at the end, click on them to show the menu and click on 'Delete Trigger'